Kim & Kim's Table

Kim Caunt was my friend and food confidante, not only mine mind you, she was that to many others. In her way she was enveloping of many but with the ability to make every food story shared and special, as though we were five and it was the most secret and exciting discovery and known only by two! This of course was not the case, but her enthusiasm and love of food, and food in travel was contagious and joyous and we miss her.

I think of her often, particularly in the Winter, which she loved and I dislike. I guess I'm reconciled to the fact that I only dislike it for physical reasons, I'm sensitive to feeling cold (despite being generously layered with a bit much fat) and somehow my body knows it's Winter outside no matter how warm I am inside. Whether it's too many punishing years in kitchens or whether it's genetic, I have lots of achy joints which much prefer the C' to be above 20 degrees.

What I do love about Winter is soup, all types of soup, slow-cooked meats, curries and braises, red wine, cheese, mushrooms, a negroni by an open fire, oops, better stop's an endless list and not enough walking, running, gym and copious amounts or water to stop me feeling guilty! Kim would be the same, she would whoop with laughter at our shared despair of the difficulty of balancing food, figure and fitness.

When Kim passed away and we shared a celebration of her life with family and friends, we began a memorial fund aptly named Kim's Table. It's only small, but we hope will always bring some longevity to her memory. The essence of the fund is to award each year an individual in the food industry who is creating, making, baking, growing, establishing something great in food. When we gather to award the nominated person we will share with them a few pertinent stories about Kim, her love of food, her passion for the industry and her contribution to the lives of many in and through food. This way they may take a small piece of her forward in their endeavors, and continually grow Kim's table.