Winter, I have you whipped!

Those who know me best also know I am not a lover of the cold weather. Even inside by a warm fire, or in a warm bed, somehow your bones know it's bitter outside. Similarly I can cope with one grey day as well as the next person (well, maybe) but multiple grey days do nothing for my enthusiasm. 

Today, as on most other mornings, we, along with the dog, headed out for a walk in the misting fog. Now Winter kicked in pretty early in the season this year and with quite a vengeance. I've been resigned to it, trying not to spend to much time calculating how many more weeks this might go on for. So today, I'm feeling a little jubilant, admittedly it wasn't a particularly cold morning but definitely wintry, but somehow I think I feel an upper hand playing out!

There are jonquils out, daffodils not yet but they are pushing forward, poppies are full of foliage, hellebores already well in bloom. The birds are all having a chat, and somehow, just a little, it feels the worst is behind me. Now I'm equally aware Winter has a sly way of giving that false sense of security one or two last times before it leaves but I've smelt the finish line! With a spring in my step, I made omelettes for breakfast, eggs, mushroom, tomato, hard goats cheese and parsley, knowing that soon, soon I can look forward to asparagus, broad beans, peas, ah Spring, good to see you!