Just a little bit of cooking - daily!

Be careful what you wish for? No, not really....people ask me every day, how I'm adjusting to non-cafe life and my response is, generally pretty good. There are lots of things that are very novel, like getting out of bed in the daylight, and not hearing the washing machine and dryer churn away every night with a load of tea towels or chef whites. But on the whole my body needed a bit of a rest and I was ready for a change. 

Having said that, it's now been two and a half months and I miss the daily interaction with my kitchen crew and customers, and I miss cooking enough! Cooking for two people, especially when you are two people who are sitting much of the day, just isn't quite cutting it! We can't eat more, even if we'd like to, at risk of becoming heavier etc etc health blah blah, but how do you respond to the weather and make soup and braise and biscuits and cake and not have anyone to feed it to? 

I have breached this morning and made coffee amaretto biscuits because the recipe looked great, but maybe I'll just have to go for intricate or involved rather than volume! Anyone for dinner?


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